[different but the same] let’s go to the market

So we’re here. And somewhat settled (as much as you can be in four days).

We’re in a ginormous complex with about 18 towers. It’s a small community. If I were the non-adventourous type, I would never – never – have to leave this complex. It has everything (including a pre-school and Botox services at the spa across the street).

Our first to-do was to stock up on food items. So we walked across the street (I like the sound of that) and ventured into the international market/grocery store. It has great stuff from every place around the world. Including some of our all time favorites.

It made me giggle though to see how things are just a little different, but of course the same. And if you look closely at the Snap, Krackle and Pop’s eyes, I’d swear there was more of a ‘slant’ to them than in the States.


4 thoughts on “[different but the same] let’s go to the market

  1. Hi Susan – I so rarely look at my Facebook page, and I just noticed this info. Oh my gosh, you are living in Hong Kong now? Tell me more. How did this happen? How long are you going to be there? Are ypou and your husband working there? For whom are your working?

    Would love to hear more., Do I have to find the info on ypur Facebook page or on this Hella Hon Kong.

    • Hi Laura! So Jason (still with Steelcase) took a new assignment for 3-4 years here in HK. We’ve been here just a week and a half. I’m not working for now, but will probably start looking for freelance/project work in a few months after we get into our routine.

      I have to admit, it feels like a vacation right now, we’re in full tourist mode! And there is a lot to see that’s for sure. We are hoping to avoid having to purchase a car (they drive on the opposite side of the road here), so we’ve been taking the MTR/subways, buses and walking like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve already lost 5lbs from a combination of all the walking and sweating, it’s so hot and humid.

      We’re keeping our house, and plan on returning for Christmas break and summers.

      Ava [5] asked me this morning if we could live here forever, she is really enjoying HK. While Perry and Teddy are enjoying it too, but have each had one melt-down each so far.

      I’ll be posting lengthier comments/posts here, but will also be adding pics to FB.

      Enough about me – how are things with you?! I think of you often, each time I make spinach for dinner. For some reason spinach reminds me of a dinner with you, and cooked carrots reminds of Anna!

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