[less is more] air shipment arrived

We’re surrounded by 12 brown shipping boxes that arrived today. And frankly, I think we could do without them and their contents.

Okay, except for the iMac. I cannot live by iPad alone. Okay, and the girls’ bags o’stuff they packed themselves (I don’t even know what’s in those bags). Three-ish weeks into HK, and living with very little, makes me sad to see the extra box of shoes (man, did I really just say that).

Ugh. Double ugh.

Do you remember my possibly over zealous proactive-ness with packing cake and brownie mixes? Well, after losing three kilos to date from just walking this city, I’m not so happy to see them. Make no mistake, I’m sure I will enjoy them. (And K, you’ll be glad to know that the can of grits traveled well.)

On the bright side, the girls can’t wait to cut into all those boxes. Not that we have room to keep them around…


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