[love it] our first public holiday, more

So two weeks later. I, for one, enjoyed the Fire Dragon Festival in Tai Hang. Teddy thought it was okay. Ava was wary of the burning incense. Perry didn’t like all the smoke.

Here are some additional observations and activities from that night.

Public sidewalks. aka place to sort through your loot. aka backyard grill. aka designated public walking path, remember?

Chilly bliss. We grew tired (and hot) of waiting for the festivities to begin (45 minutes of ceremonial blah blah, in Chinese). So we mosey’d around the corner and found a ‘smoothie’ shop called Xiao Tian Gu (address at end of post). Chinese style. Cool, refreshing and cool and refreshing. Blended ice fruit concoctions, sweet red bean–pure chilly bliss.

I just love a marching band. Just before scrambling to follow the winding dragon through the streets, the crowd moves and gets excited. And then without really knowing it, the people part to make way for a marching bagpipe band. Yep. Kilts. Furry, tall hats. Knee-high socks. Bagpipes. And all Chinese, except for one guy. It was A W E S O M E!

smoothie+ shop:
Xiao Tian Gu, G/F, 10-11B School Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong  //  t: 2882 6133


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