[again] move no. 1.5

Even the taxi drivers call them “the chopsticks.” Two residential high-rises, side-by-side, sticking straight up from the mountainside. Like two chopsticks in a bowl of rice (which you should only do at funerals). Ours is the one on the left.

We move for the final time on Monday. We’ve been living in convenience-served-on-a-platter-ville for the past three months. Hong Kong Parkview. As you approach, it consumes the space between green mountains. It’s kinda weird. And thousands of people call it home. And hundreds more call it temporary-home.

Our new little rice bowl in Hong Kong is closer to the city without being in the heart of it. The girls are excited that it’s two stories. Who woulda thought a flight of stairs would make them so happy.

My inner interior designer is having a tough time focusing as we try to fill in furniture gaps. Not exactly a blank canvas, the apartment comes equipped with a certain style. Tasteful, but ‘expression’ will take some thoughtful work.

Here are some shots of a similar apartment.

Parkview image via Wikipedia.


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