[dear vanessa] humidity won part 2

Later that day. The Brazilian Blowout…

2 hour appointment, starting at 11:00am – food is necessary. The fastest place nearby was McD’s and I thought the illustration of the funky-haired dude was appropriate. My hair has just enough curl to be a pain, so I can never just wash and go. Basically I have one of two options, commit to the curl by curling more, or blast it straight. Either way, it goes all poofy with the slightest talk of humidity, and Hong Kong is all about humidity. And then it’s hello messy bun. I’ve worn the messy bun almost every day since being in HK.

Step one, wash hair three times to ensure that it’s squeaky clean. And by the last wash, my hair was squeaking each time he ran his fingers through it.

Step two, comb the fruit formula (no formaldehyde) into hair. Then the blowout. Because there are still chemicals of some sort, they suggested I wear the mask so not to breath it in. One guy did a traditional blowout, while the assistant blew the fumes away with the cool air setting on his dryer.

Step three, slowly flat iron to ensure smoothness.

Step four, go to the sink one more time for the last quick chemical set. Then blow dry, not blowout, but just blow dry. And BAM, no frizz, soft, smooth hair. Above I’m enjoying my new straight hair just outside the salon. Hey it’s still straight in front of Zara! Yay no frizz outside waiting for a taxi!

Love it.


2 thoughts on “[dear vanessa] humidity won part 2

  1. is this what is also called the magic straight perm??
    i did this once and it was AMAZING….literally wash and go for 6 months!
    good investment i’d say!

    • They didn’t use the word ‘perm,’ but I imagine it’s essentially the same thing. Two months with my Brazilian Blowout and I’m still happy as can be. I still need to blow dry my hair, but it doesn’t frizz up now when I go outside. So worth it.

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