[barcelona] day 1 highlights

No photos of food on plates. Promise.

This city is quite spread out. And surprisingly the sidewalks are roomy. And the stones/tiles are mostly level. A walking holiday dream come true.

Jet-lagged girls did well today, with Ava falling asleep at the table during dinner. On a vacation like this I thought it would be helpful to have the girls take their own pictures, so they would look at the city. I’ll share their photos later.

First. Breakfast. Which consisted of all sorts of bready yumminess, cheese, and cured meat.

Second. Let’s be traditional tourists. To Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia. Started in 1882, with expected completion date of 2041, this amazing, beautiful vision will be the world’s largest cathedral when finished. Photos are not enough to capture this experience.

Third. Then there’s the people watching.


2 thoughts on “[barcelona] day 1 highlights

  1. So glad you went to La Sagrada Familia!! Did you also go to the really cool building/castle/house made of various colors of glass? I thought that was very close to there. I’m so jealous of you guys right now!!!!

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