[sweet girls] running on the roof

Built on mountains, Hong Kong is a city with few open, sprawling, forever expanses of flat greenness.

Public parks here are just different than in the States. Just different. This also means that hobby gardening is sporadic. So, when you find someone willing to dig their own dirt and haul it from the boarders of China up to the fifth floor roof-top garden of their studio’s building. You go see it.

Hello HK Farm.

It’s cute. It’s small. It’s organic. And it also hosts the Chinese bees associated with HK Honey. Remember the candle making workshop we enjoyed some months back? This visit to HK Farm included a blue print, or Cyanotype, art/bag making workshop, hosted by Martin Cheung of Shanghai Street Studios. (Love these guys.)

Using a non-toxic mix of special mumbo-jumbo crystals and the sun — we had fun among the bees.


[less is more] air shipment arrived

We’re surrounded by 12 brown shipping boxes that arrived today. And frankly, I think we could do without them and their contents.

Okay, except for the iMac. I cannot live by iPad alone. Okay, and the girls’ bags o’stuff they packed themselves (I don’t even know what’s in those bags). Three-ish weeks into HK, and living with very little, makes me sad to see the extra box of shoes (man, did I really just say that).

Ugh. Double ugh.

Do you remember my possibly over zealous proactive-ness with packing cake and brownie mixes? Well, after losing three kilos to date from just walking this city, I’m not so happy to see them. Make no mistake, I’m sure I will enjoy them. (And K, you’ll be glad to know that the can of grits traveled well.)

On the bright side, the girls can’t wait to cut into all those boxes. Not that we have room to keep them around…

[teeny tiny] closet purge

Organized house equals organized mind. Or something like that.

And I believe it 110%. But I am a Gemini. And born during the year of the Monkey. Which both indicate that I’m a teeny tiny bit easily distracted. Moving is a great opportunity to start with an un-cluttered slate. So I’ve been seeking online inspiration in getting better organized. The closet seems to be a reoccurring topic, specifically purging of so-three-seasons-ago and ill-fitting garments.

Here are some recurring ideas, sprinkled with a few of my own:

  • Invite a friend(s): an honest friend whose fashion advice you respect; or hire a fashion advisor (yep, you can hire this); or if you want to go it alone, a large mirror
  • Be decisive: create a Yes pile (includes things to alter), a Hell No pile, and a Maybe pile (I’m opting for the Yes and Hell No piles only)
  • Donate, donate, donate: this is a great tax right-off; or if you’re feeling lucky go for consignment
  • Make it fun: music, snacks, wine, yes, yes and yes
  • Inspiration: tape up pictures of looks you like as a guide for what to keep or add to the list (see below)
  • Make a list: this should be a list of things that you now need (post closet purge) to fill in any fashion gaps
  • Clean it up: dust every nook and cranny of your closet; buy new matching hangers (recycle the wire ones with your dry-cleaners); maybe paint a wall (or for you ambitious folks, wallpaper) for a little closet personality

image via: loving. living. small.design cyclr post

[love it] less is so satisfying

From sprawling American digs, to snug, efficient city living.

This move has been a great exercise in necessity. And on more than one occasion, I’ve been quite embarrassed by the amount of sh*t we have. What do we really, really – I mean really – need and maintain the same lifestyle? I’ll let you know what I find out in a few months.

So when I found these White Charcoal items at one of my fav online shops, Merchant No. 4, it made me think about my water filter pitcher. It helps in the Michigan house because we’re on well water (yes we have running water and indoor toilets). White charcoal is one of the main ‘ingredients’ in water purifier thing-a-ma-jigs.

Less unnecessary plastic? Sculptural sticks in one of my many glass pitchers (see ‘amount of sh*t’ comment above)? Sounds pretty good to me in my current simplifing-life state of mind.

images via: Merchant No. 4