[sweet girls] running on the roof

Built on mountains, Hong Kong is a city with few open, sprawling, forever expanses of flat greenness.

Public parks here are just different than in the States. Just different. This also means that hobby gardening is sporadic. So, when you find someone willing to dig their own dirt and haul it from the boarders of China up to the fifth floor roof-top garden of their studio’s building. You go see it.

Hello HK Farm.

It’s cute. It’s small. It’s organic. And it also hosts the Chinese bees associated with HK Honey. Remember the candle making workshop we enjoyed some months back? This visit to HK Farm included a blue print, or Cyanotype, art/bag making workshop, hosted by Martin Cheung of Shanghai Street Studios. (Love these guys.)

Using a non-toxic mix of special mumbo-jumbo crystals and the sun — we had fun among the bees.


[sweet girls] bee’s knees

Honey, we’re making bee’s wax candles. I’ve been excitedly waiting (yeah, I really just said that) for this workshop. Hosted by HK Honey and Shanghai Street Studios, this was such a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Michael (a designer from London-town) met up with us at a park near the studio in Yau Ma Tai. He showed us a few of his favorite shops in the neighborhood, and then up some flights of stairs to Shanghai Street Studios we went.

One of the studio features that makes it so special are the original wooden partitions that divided 800 sq. ft. into bedrooms and living space for an entire family when it was a residence. And we complain if there isn’t enough closet space.

Upcycling was also a focus, as we reused many containers while making our candles. Below, Ava is carrying a delicate tea cup Michael purchased at an antique shop, and Michael is melting the bee’s wax in a large ex-tea pot.

It smelled so wonderful – fragrant honey – in the studio, that some of the local bees visited us while we were working.

Gma had just arrived in HK the night before, I’m sure she was a bit jet-lagged, but didn’t show it during the class. And we certainly gave her a very local Hong Kong experience for her first time outside of the US.

All the students (about 8-9 in the class) chatted, and then the best part – basil-honey tea and warm, honey cake for everyone!

HK Honey + Shanghai Street Studios