[teeny tiny] closet purge

Organized house equals organized mind. Or something like that.

And I believe it 110%. But I am a Gemini. And born during the year of the Monkey. Which both indicate that I’m a teeny tiny bit easily distracted. Moving is a great opportunity to start with an un-cluttered slate. So I’ve been seeking online inspiration in getting better organized. The closet seems to be a reoccurring topic, specifically purging of so-three-seasons-ago and ill-fitting garments.

Here are some recurring ideas, sprinkled with a few of my own:

  • Invite a friend(s): an honest friend whose fashion advice you respect; or hire a fashion advisor (yep, you can hire this); or if you want to go it alone, a large mirror
  • Be decisive: create a Yes pile (includes things to alter), a Hell No pile, and a Maybe pile (I’m opting for the Yes and Hell No piles only)
  • Donate, donate, donate: this is a great tax right-off; or if you’re feeling lucky go for consignment
  • Make it fun: music, snacks, wine, yes, yes and yes
  • Inspiration: tape up pictures of looks you like as a guide for what to keep or add to the list (see below)
  • Make a list: this should be a list of things that you now need (post closet purge) to fill in any fashion gaps
  • Clean it up: dust every nook and cranny of your closet; buy new matching hangers (recycle the wire ones with your dry-cleaners); maybe paint a wall (or for you ambitious folks, wallpaper) for a little closet personality

image via: loving. living. small.design cyclr post