[love it] mask-animo

Scissors, tape, glue, paper, hole punch, string, paint, markers, more tape? Aka Crafts? Count the girls in.

Hub and I went a wanderin’ again last night. And found an amazing, I’ll say it again, amazing, shop neatly filled to the brim with kid stuff. Self-proclaimed “babies and kid concept store”, petit bazaar* has found a place in my heart. Little too gooey?

Now, I’m not sure what they mean by ‘concept store’ because everything was in full production and ready for a cash transaction. But it was all cute. And unique. And special. We bought the girls a mask making craft, Mask-Animo made in France (oui) by Mitik. Simple design, easy to assemble, and fun.


Ava and Teddy’s pal, Nicole, joined for some craft time.

petit bazaar*
9 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong // 852.2544. 2255 // m-sat 11.00-21.00, sun+pub 12.00-19.00
80 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong // 852.2528.0229 // m-sat 10.00-20.00, sun 11.30-18.30