[gonna miss it] good night house

We heart our house. Be good house.


[teeny tiny] closet purge

Organized house equals organized mind. Or something like that.

And I believe it 110%. But I am a Gemini. And born during the year of the Monkey. Which both indicate that I’m a teeny tiny bit easily distracted. Moving is a great opportunity to start with an un-cluttered slate. So I’ve been seeking online inspiration in getting better organized. The closet seems to be a reoccurring topic, specifically purging of so-three-seasons-ago and ill-fitting garments.

Here are some recurring ideas, sprinkled with a few of my own:

  • Invite a friend(s): an honest friend whose fashion advice you respect; or hire a fashion advisor (yep, you can hire this); or if you want to go it alone, a large mirror
  • Be decisive: create a Yes pile (includes things to alter), a Hell No pile, and a Maybe pile (I’m opting for the Yes and Hell No piles only)
  • Donate, donate, donate: this is a great tax right-off; or if you’re feeling lucky go for consignment
  • Make it fun: music, snacks, wine, yes, yes and yes
  • Inspiration: tape up pictures of looks you like as a guide for what to keep or add to the list (see below)
  • Make a list: this should be a list of things that you now need (post closet purge) to fill in any fashion gaps
  • Clean it up: dust every nook and cranny of your closet; buy new matching hangers (recycle the wire ones with your dry-cleaners); maybe paint a wall (or for you ambitious folks, wallpaper) for a little closet personality

image via: loving. living. small.design cyclr post

[optimist vs. realist] things i’ll miss

I’m a realist (with a viscous optimistic streak).

Proof of optimism: I’ve been imagining great new experiences in our new country with excitement and anticipation. Convincing myself that 80% humidity is manageable. That living with millions of neighbors won’t be claustrophobic. And that the girls will rub elbows with many international, influential, primary school classmates. Thus, embedding them with amazing social and leadership skills, a worldly knowledge and grace that will pay off the rest of their lives, and that said classmates will invite them on holiday excursions to the French Alps and Monte Carlo. I need to buy the girls new ski outfits. And teach them to ski.

Proof of realism: I’ve been reminding myself of what Hong Kong will not have. You know, so I won’t be disappointed. Here are five things I think I’ll miss, in no particular order.

1] Free-range chickens (in my own backyard) that I don’t have to care for. They belong to our neighbor, but we’re happy to host.

2] Satellite radio, my most used, and vital, connection to coolness

3] Amway‘s row of flags, 49 colorful pieces of cloth waving as we drive past. And for the 4th of July, they’re switched to all American flags, which we camped beneath for the fireworks show

4] Our natural beauty roads, which are surprisingly well maintained

5] Easy parking with large lots, isles and spaces

I’m looking forward to it all none the less. And for good measure, I bought and am packing about eight boxes each of Betty Crocker Butter Yellow Cake Mix, Fudge Brownie Mix, and Wild Blueberry Muffin mix. I should be good until December!