[sweet girls] i’d pay for that

The girls getting glitter and glue on your floor rather than mine? I’d pay for that. Wait, I have paid for that! A month ago it was an art class making cards. A few weeks ago it was floral jamming at Tallensia Floral Art. And I paid again. This time it was an ornament workshop at Mirth. And they were all worth it.

Benefits of these workshops? They’re equipped with the proper tools. The space is suited to the activity. And they’re structured. Unlike a craft session at our casa–I’m trying to cook, or trying to find something to fill in for floral tape, or just want some quiet time. It gets chaotic, disorganized, then we lose focus and interest. And then there’s still the mess to clean.

Mirth hosts some really nice workshops for kids, this was our first. But first let’s talk shop, their shop.

Sweetness in an old 1960s wooden stool factory. A wonderful selection of kid things, me things, gift things, art things, fun things, sassy things, furniture things. And they’ll whip up a little latte for you to sip while strolling through the many wonderful displays. You will certainly want to stroll so not to miss a single detail.

Now the workshop. It was situated in the store, so there was wonderful kid-energy happening in the space. It was perfectly suited for the girls, a felt Christmas Tree. Everything was prepared and ready the moment we arrived. And we now have these charming little trees in our flat. Can you say O Tannenbaum?

Mezzanine Floor, Yip Kan Street (last building on the left), Wong Chuk Hang (Aberdeen), Hong Kong // 852.2553.9811 // Daily 10:00-6:00


[sweet girls] floral jamming

Finding kid things to do in Hong Kong has been an exercise in digging. Okay, there are the beaches, hiking, parks. The one billion malls. I’m looking for things that don’t involve sunscreen or packing snacks and an extra change of clothes. And yes, the mall outings require at least one of these things.

So I have two words for you. Floral Jamming. And three more words, Tallensia Floral Art.

Seriously. This little floral shop has all the right ingredients. Nice location. Small and cute. Chartreuse. And a charming, sweet shop owner, Lowdi. Every Sunday, she hosts a Floral Jamming session from 3-6pm. Tea is served, and then Lowdi gives a quick overview about creating a centerpiece and roles of different kinds of flowers/plants. Then like a buffet, you walk around and choose your pot/vase and flowers. Floral jamming ensues.

The girls loved it. We’re already planning floral jamming birthday parties. Lowdi hosts many kinds of interactive flower experiences for all ages. Just give her a call and she’ll have it all ready! Tallensia, of course, also makes wonderful floral arrangements for any occasion.

Tallensia Floral Art
G/F, 6C Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong // 852.2239.4300 // 2pm-9pm Mon – Sun
Floral Jamming from 3pm-6pm every Sunday