[sweet girls] floral jamming

Finding kid things to do in Hong Kong has been an exercise in digging. Okay, there are the beaches, hiking, parks. The one billion malls. I’m looking for things that don’t involve sunscreen or packing snacks and an extra change of clothes. And yes, the mall outings require at least one of these things.

So I have two words for you. Floral Jamming. And three more words, Tallensia Floral Art.

Seriously. This little floral shop has all the right ingredients. Nice location. Small and cute. Chartreuse. And a charming, sweet shop owner, Lowdi. Every Sunday, she hosts a Floral Jamming session from 3-6pm. Tea is served, and then Lowdi gives a quick overview about creating a centerpiece and roles of different kinds of flowers/plants. Then like a buffet, you walk around and choose your pot/vase and flowers. Floral jamming ensues.

The girls loved it. We’re already planning floral jamming birthday parties. Lowdi hosts many kinds of interactive flower experiences for all ages. Just give her a call and she’ll have it all ready! Tallensia, of course, also makes wonderful floral arrangements for any occasion.

Tallensia Floral Art
G/F, 6C Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong // 852.2239.4300 // 2pm-9pm Mon – Sun
Floral Jamming from 3pm-6pm every Sunday


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